Introduction – Spine Mobile

A lightweight framework, the SpineMobile lets you build mobile JS web apps. The main difference between spine and other solutions is that we pay great attention to DETAIL. What matters the most is User Experience before everything else. We always strive to deliver a native feel and shouldn’t feel any different than applications built in Java¬†or Objective C.

Our motivation that led us to build this framework? Well there is a number of reasons:

  • exposing mobile apps to a variety of developers
  • make developing easier
  • cross platform porting

HTML and CSS were developed for designing awesome interfaces and they do a very good job at it. We believe that there are no tech reasons why HTML apps cannot give as good or even better experience than native apps.

Features of Spine Mobile

  • Touch Events
  • Optimized Hardware Accelerated Transitions
  • Special Panel Layout and Controllers


Spine Mobile Applications has been used at You can find the source code on GitHub and get a feel of how it looks at Heroku (live demo). This has been tested on iOS 5.0, but should work on newer versions as well.

spine mobile business application












An app called Global Guide, is also using spine mobile – the source code isn’t available unfortunately.


One of the easiest and most straightforward way of compiling Spine Mobile Apps is using:

You will need Node and npm and then run:

npm install -g spine hem

Using the mobile generator, the initial project hierarchy will be generated with the

spine mobile ./myapp

Go back to your project directory and then install the npm modules needed:

cd ./myapp

npm install .

You are set to go. Start the Hem server next:

hem server

You can now browse to our applications. If you need more information about or Hem, check out the guides available.

What’s next?

After you have installed and set up the Spine Mobile, you can start learning about the framework itself. The first thing we suggest is to read the Controllers, Events and Transitions Guides and checking out the our examples.