Coffee Script Components

Spine is written in CoffeeScript, a little language that puts together into JavaScript. You do not need to compose Spine applications in CoffeeScript, pure JavaScript will function fine. Nonetheless, using CoffeeScript will be the path of least resistance, as well as the one I personally promote.

CoffeeScript will not be every person’s favorite, and also I’ve no doubt it’ll transform some individuals off the structure. However, if you have actually qualms regarding the language, I advise you to at least give it a possibility and check it out; you ought to comprehend just what you’re missing. I personally believe CoffeeScript is a complete revolution in internet development.

For an introduction to the language, see the The Little Publication on CoffeeScript.

Spine’s documents caters for both JavaScript and CoffeeScript developers; you can toggle source code examples between both languages making use of the silver takes care of: ”

Alternatively, you could toggle the language site-wide by using the language selector in the top right of the documentation.

Knowing Spine

Spine itself is relatively straight-forward, as the collection is tiny and the API very little. However, it’s the ideas behind JavaScript internet applications that can be challenging to comprehend initially. Relocating state to the client-side, providing on the client-side, as well as structuring your JavaScript utilizing lightweight MVC and CommonJS components could all be rather a finding out contour.

It’s consequently, that Spine’s docs learnt more like overviews compared to raw API documents, discussing the principles and context to the services Spine brings. The pure API documentation is likewise readily available once you know with the collection.


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